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Covid Travel Insurance

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Leisure Travel Insurance is a product created for the protection of tourists against accidents or medial emergencies while they are vacationing in the destination of Los Cabos, Mexico.

Other Advantages and Benefits

Direct payment with a provided network of hospitals

Coverage throughout the Baja California Sur peninsula

24/7 Bilingual Call Center

Personal advisory from a trained executive in Los Cabos

In case of using hospitals that are not in the network provided, payment may be requested via reimbursement.

Commercial Terms

Passengers: Mexicans and Foreigners

Age: No limit

Territoriality: Mexico

Acceptance of breathalyzer: The limit allowed in Mexico applies, which is 0.40g of alcohol per liter of blood or the limit allowed at the destination where the insured is located

Included Activities: bungee jumping, reppelling, zip-lining, snorkeling, diving (no more than 50 meters), kayaking, catamaran, spa, swimming with dolphins, rays, sea lions, manatees, cat sharks, boating, horse riding, surfing, sailing, skiing, motorcycle, jet ski, mountaineering (no more than 3,000 meters) with equipment

Validity: 00hrs of the trip start date until 11:59pm of the end of the trip date

Maximum of 30 continuous days of travel